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Hong Kong

Nestled between ocean and mountains, picturesque Hong Kong is a popular destination for ESL teachers. The iconic skyline, varied nightlife, tropical climate and high salaries make Hong Kong an incredible place to live and teach. Teach Beyond work with some of Hong Kong’s most reputable ESL institutions and can guarantee a competitive salary, allowing you to live comfortably, explore Hong Kong and Asia whilst saving money.


  1. Be a Native English speaker from one of the following countries; USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

  2. Have a full University Degree

  3. Have a 120 Hour TEFL certification or equivalent

Please be aware that these requirements are set by the schools and government in Hong Kong, not Teach Beyond Recruitment. These are the requirements to qualify for a working visa. Schools may also have their own further requirements. In most cases teaching experience is preferred but not required.

Typical Responsibilities

  1. 25-30 teaching hours per week plus

  2. 10-15 office hours per week.

  3. Maintain a positive relationship with managers, co-workers, students and parents.

  4. When students fall behind, teachers are expected to come up with solutions for helping the student succeed.

  5. Teacher training is also provided and your school will have materials for use during ESL lesson preparation


Teaching English in Hong Kong can be a highly enjoyable and rewarding job, but it’s also challenging. English proficiency is highly important in Hong Kong and you are being trusted with an important part of a child’s language development. You will have to prepare your lessons, grade work, administer tests and monitor students’ progress. Working with young children can take a lot of energy, but seeing them develop and improve makes the job worthwhile!

Benefits of teaching in Hong Kong

As a Global Financial Hub the cost of living in Hong Kong is high compared to surrounding countries, however this is more than made up for in the benefits that come with teaching here.

  1. Salaries for English Teachers start at 20,000HKD

  2. 16-17 paid public holidays per year

  3. At least 2 weeks of paid annual leave

  4. Arrival and onboarding assistance

  5. Work Permit and Visa provided

  6. 5 day working week. Usually Sunday and one other day off

  7. Comprehensive training

  8. Healthcare provided

  9. Low tax 7%-12%

Visa process

The visa process for Hong Kong is quick and straight forward and will be taken care of by your school. You will enter Hong Kong on a landing visa which will then be upgraded to a working visa once you arrive. For this you will need to sign some forms and send some scans to the school before arriving. Teach Beyond Recruitment will be on hand every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly.

From the hustle and bustle of Central to the quieter and more scenic New Territories, there is something for every taste. Teach Beyond have placements throughout Hong Kong. For those who love getting outdoors Hong Kong is renowned for its hiking and pristine beaches. Whether you love the big city or the wilderness there’s the perfect place for you in Hong Kong!

For more information on life in Hong Kong check out our blog, or Apply Now and arrange a time to speak with one of our placement consultants.