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5 Reasons To Teach In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most desirable locations for ESL teachers from around the world. But what makes it such a great place to live and work?

1. Travel

There is plenty to see in Hong Kong itself, with enough beaches, hiking trails, temples and markets to fill endless weekends. For day trips or weekends away not only can you make the short journey to one of Hong Kong's many surrounding islands, you also have easy access to Macau and China. If you plan on going a little further afield flights to places such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan as well as much of South East Asia can be very cheap, and with plenty of public holidays and most schools offering generous holidays you'll definitely have the opportunity to explore.

2. Salary

While the cost of living in Hong Kong is relatively high for Asian standards, the average salary for an English teacher more than makes up for this. For first time teachers without previous experience you can expect to earn upwards of $20,000HKD per month. SO, even after paying your months' rent, transport and food costs you will still have plenty of cash left over to enjoy the Hong Kong nightlife as well as travel and save.

3. Culture

Hong Kong really does offer you the best of both worlds, it's a city where east meets west. It's a truly multicultural city which attracts people from all over the world but still maintains it's own culture and heritage. This can be seen in the customs, traditions language and food. From skyscrapers of the financial district and colonial buildings to bustling markets, villages and temples. there is plenty to experience. The lively festivals throughout the year are not to be missed!

4. Food

Hong Kong is truly a food lovers paradise, with options to suit any taste bud. From street food to Michelin Starred restaurants, of which there are currently 63, Hong Kong has it all. Local favourites include Seafood, barbecue, stir fries and of course Dim Sum. However, there are plenty of options for whatever type of food you are craving.

5. Lifestyle

On the salary of an English teacher you can live very comfortable in Hong Kong. As mentioned already there is plenty to enjoy in terms of nightlife and food, but what truly sets Hong Kong apart is having all of that, but also such easy access to nature and adventure. It's a fantastic place for walks and hiking for people of all abilities. You can relax on the beautiful beaches or try out any of a number of water sports such as wake boarding or wind surfing, and in the summer get involved in Hong Kong's famous Junk Boat parties.

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