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Living In Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong
Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wonderful place which provides an incredible lifestyle for teachers looking to experience an exciting life in a truly international city. From the food to the entertainment Hong Kong offers a variety that can be matched by few cities in the world. Here's what makes Hong Kong such a special place to live.


Living in Hong Kong
Dim Sum

Both the incredible local cuisine and the influence of the multicultural population make Hong Kong a haven for food lovers. From street food to Michelin Starred restaurants, of which there are over 60, Hong Kong has it all. Seafood, barbecue, stir fries and of course Dim Sum are local favourites but there is food for every taste and every budget.


Living In Hong Kong
Hong Kong Night Market

Whether you’re looking for great food, art or a party, the night life in Hong Kong has it all. Enjoy shopping and great street food at Temple street market. Lan Kwai Fong, Soho and Wan Chai offer plenty of options for food bars and clubs. Lank Kwai Fong is great fun with over 90 bars packed into couple of roads. Soho offers more upmarket bars and restaurants or if you’re looking for pubs, sport bars and live music Wan Chai is a safe bet. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a night out, Hong Kong is sure to have something for you. Be sure not to miss out on the weekly horse racing at Happy Valley Racecourse where you can enjoy drinks, betting and horse racing every Wednesday night!


Living in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Transport

Getting around Hong Kong is cheap and easy, with taxi fares starting at 24HKD. The MTR stretches throughout the city and is fast, convenient and reliable, it’s also super cheap. As well as that there are regular buses and minibuses throughout the city.

Minibuses come in two varieties, red or green. The green minibuses function like regular buses with fixed stops throughout their route. The red minibuses stop when hailed and passengers can let the driver know when they want to get off.

There are also more quirky modes of transport for the more adventurous among us such as the trams and the Star Ferry, which will take you from one side of the harbour to the other quickly and cheaply.

Paying for public transport is super convenient using your rechargeable Octopus card.


Living In Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hiking

If you like spending time outdoors then you will love Hong Kong, surrounded by mountains and beaches you are never far from nature in Hong Kong. There are plenty of hiking trails for hikers of all abilities as well as beautiful beaches, parks and even surrounding islands which make fantastic day trips.

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