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No Experience? No Problem!

Want to teach abroad but you have no professional teaching experience? Well don’t worry there are plenty of places where you can teach, earn a great salary, and gain valuable teaching and life experience. Here are our top tips for finding your first teaching job abroad.

Get a TEFL

Plenty of schools or Language Centres will hire teachers with no experience, but in most cases they will want to see some kind of teaching experience. Often the minimum requirement is a 120 Hour TEFL course. These can be done online or in the classroom and can be relatively inexpensive and will open up teaching opportunities all over the world.

Look at Language Centres

Language centres are private school’s which students will attend outside of their usual school hours to learn extracurricular English. In most cases the requirements for teaching at a language centre are lower than that of a kindergarten, public school or international school. If you have a bachelors degree, TEFL certification and come from a native English-speaking country you will meet the basic requirements for a language centre teaching position. After that it’s all about selling yourself and showing you’re the right fit to teach in that environment. But how to do that?

Showcase your personality

The vast majority of language centres teach English to young children and are therefore looking for the right personality as much as they are looking at your teaching experience. If you’re outgoing, friendly and energetic in your interview you’ll have a good chance of landing the position.

Highlight the experience you do have

While you may not have taught formally you may have other valuable experience. Perhaps you’ve coached a kids’ sport team, tutored, babysat or even just have young relatives who you’ve spend a lot of time with. Be sure to speak about this during your interview, if you’re looking to work with kids show the school that you’re comfortable around them and would enjoy working with them.

Apply with Teach Beyond Recruitment

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