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Tap Mun - Hong Kong's grass island

Tap Mun
Tap Mun

Beach season is over, Hong Kong's long summer has drawn to a close and the cooling weather makes it the perfect time for an adventure.

As wonderful as it is living life in a busy city, surrounded by sky scrapers and shopping malls, sometimes you just crave a bit of greenery. Tap Mun is the perfect cure for that feeling.

We took the hour long ferry journey from Ma Liu Shui Ferry pier, which is about a ten minute walk from University MTR station. The ferry ride alone is a spectacle in itself. Flocks of birds gather as soon as the ferry departs, flying in formation and swooping down to catch the fish which jump out of the water in the boat's wake. If you can try and get a seat at the back of the boat for a great view of the spectacle. The views of the coastline along the way aren't too bad either!

Once you arrive at Tap Mun, there is a small village with a few shops and seafood restaurants, you can turn either left or right as there is a circular trail about 2km long around the Island. I'd suggest turning left as it is a little bit of a quieter walk.

There are a few sights to see along the way, such as a temple and an abandoned school, which has been converted into makeshift housing. But take your time and enjoy the winding trail while you take in the wonderful scenery.

Of course, the main attraction is the beautiful grassy meadow perched on top of the island, which is often filled with families picnicking and flying kites, alongside docile cows which freely roam the island. It's also a popular camping spot if you enjoy sleeping under the stars.

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