Due to its staggering natural beauty, Vietnam has long been a popular tourist destination. This diverse country offers pristine beaches, towering mountains and bustling cities. The rich diversity, cultural complexity and stunning landscapes make Vietnam an attractive location for adventurous ESL teachers from around the world!


  1. Be a Native English speaker from one of the following countries; USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

  2. Have a full University Degree

  3. Have a 120 Hour TEFL certification or equivalent

Please be aware that these requirements are set by the schools and government in Vietnam, not Teach Beyond Recruitment. These are the requirements to qualify for a working visa. Schools may also have their own further requirements. In most cases teaching experience is preferred but not required.

Typical Responsibilities

  1. Around 20 Teaching Hours per week

  2. Additional Office hours

  3. Average class size of 10-16 students

  4. Teacher training is also provided and your school will have materials for use during ESL lesson preparation

Teaching in Vietnam offers a fantastic work life balance, and a low cost of living meaning that you can live very comfortably on the salary of an ESL teaching. Generous holiday allowances give teachers the opportunity to explore this incredible country and Southeast Asia beyond. 

Benefits of teaching in Vietnam

  1. Salaries starting from 32,000,000 VND per month

  2. Start up, quarterly and completion bonus'

  3. Housing Allowance

  4. High overtime pay

  5. Arrival and on-boarding assistance

  6.  Visa provided

  7. Comprehensive training

  8. Ongoing support

Visa process

To obtain a visa and work permit to teach in Vietnam you must provide legalized copies of your Degree certificate, TEFL certificate and criminal background check prior to leaving your home country. Once in Vietnam you will need further documents such as a local police check, permit stay/residence check and a health check. Your school will assist you in obtaining these. 

You will need to enter Vietnam on Business Visa which is then converted to a work permit. Your school will provide a visa letter for this. Although this may sound like a lot to get your head around, our partner schools in Vietnam provide full support and assistance throughout the process. 

If your're interested in Teaching in Vietnam Apply Now and arrange a time to speak with one of our placement consultants